The Latest Trends in Bathroom Design

Things to Consider before Hiring a Remodeling Contractor

If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom but you still don’t have an exact plan, you should start looking around for some ideas and inspiration. So, before you start your search for a remodeling contractor, you might want to take a look into those bathroom design trends:

Natural elements – Do you want to add a calming vibe into your bathroom? If that’s so, you should draw some inspiration from the nature. By adding some wood elements, you can make a cold looking bathroom warmer and way more welcoming.

Go green – Want to be even closer to nature? Try adding a wall of flowers instead of a few potted plants. This little vertical garden look extremely beautiful and unique.

Clever water control – Now it’s time to say goodbye to your old shower and the basic basin faucets, and say hello to smart and user-friendly fixtures that will give you more control over the mix, water flow and temperature.

Freestanding bathtubs – In 2014, the freestanding bathtubs were a huge trend, and it’s seems like they are not going away any time soon. And that’s not only because they are a great design feature but also because they really add up to the whole relaxing feel. When you are choosing a tub of this kind, you should consider the shape you are going for because it can totally change the appearance of the whole room. Go for a rounder one if you are looking to bring some softness to an angular bathroom, or an angular one if you want to offset soft, light colors and add structure.

Feature floor tiles – Statement making floor tiles were another huge trend last year that is here to stay for a while. They are beautiful and provide amazing design opportunity for people with bathrooms that don’t have a clear wall where you can add feature tiles.

Geometric tiles – Another major trend in tiles are the geometric ones. They are the perfect choice for people who are looking to add some depth and visual interest into their otherwise plain looking bathroom.

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